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We are people-centric and highly collaborative. Prioritizing longevity, we believe we are on a marathon and not on a sprint.

Address is headquartered in London.
Our team of 290+ is split between London, UK and Coimbatore, India.

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We believe in Collaboration, Mentoring, Growth and Harmony

Our Founder strongly believes people must be happy personally before they can contribute to the growth of the company.

We rarely work on weekends. Although we employ world-leading methodologies to help us run and scale our business, we recognise that growth is delivered because we have a good work-life balance.

We invest in various things that make our employees comfortable, right from good equipment to state-of-the-art office infrastructure.

Potential for growth

If you have the potential, we will make sure to bring it out.

We are proud and happy that our people stay with us for many years. We have excellent staff retention rates in a highly volatile technology sector.

This is only possible when employees truly believe that the company takes care of them.


We ensure our employees are heard. Share an innovative idea and we will make it a reality. Your concept will thrive in our collaborative culture, enriched by the brightest minds.

As a Senior Program Manager at, I coordinate the delivery of Document360, our knowledge base product. I collaborate with teams, ensuring alignment towards delivery objectives.'s leadership enables experimentation and measuring effectiveness. Collaborating with cross-functional teams has been enriching for my professional growth.

Vijay Praveen Kumar

Senior Program Manager

From my start as a product marketing intern in 2018 to now leading advanced verticals in product marketing, has been crucial. It fosters idea contribution at all levels, driving daily innovation. prioritizes equal growth for every member with the organization's pace.

Surya Venkatasubramanian

Lead Product Marketer

The company has grown from one person working from home to a fully-fledged workforce of 290+. Being a product marketer, I get the chance to interact daily with Azure MVP’s and Integration experts. My favourite thing is the freedom I’m given to explore everything by myself.

Mohan Nagaraj

Senior Manager

Through my journey at, from intern to senior software engineer, I've had numerous growth opportunities. My ideas have always been valued and nurtured. Getting to delve into new technology and handling challenging tasks daily fuel my passion for work and make each day fulfilling.

Naveeth Zulfar

Senior Software Engineer

Being a Technical Lead at is rewarding and challenging at the same time. It brings a variety of opportunities to the table that will help you further your career while challenging you to improve yourself every day. The exposure one would get here from day one and the problem-solving skills you can acquire is unparalleled.

Vishnu Balachandran

Technical Architect

Creating a knowledge driven environment

As a technology community-oriented product company we indulge in various technical activities to sharpen our skills.