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We identify gaps in the industry, creating new opportunities. Enjoy our growth in all aspects as we continue to scale.

How we run our company?

We ensure people love coming to work. They shouldn’t dread Monday mornings.

We create an environment that fosters learners, thinkers, innovators and problem solvers. We challenge and inspire each other every day.

We combine technology expertise and in-depth domain experience to provide excellent support and technical expertise to our customers around the world.

Benefits and Perks

We provide our employees with a good learning experience and exceptional benefits such as comprehensive health plans helping them have a better work-life balance.

Health & well being

Comprehensive insurance plans for Self and Family. Wellness programs aimed at promoting Physical and mental well-being.

Car lease program

The Car lease program offers benefits including lower initial costs, access to newer vehicles, and potential tax advantages.

Intern program

Our internship program is designed to give students valuable hands-on experiences, real-world insights, and mentorship.

Professional development

We foster a culture of continuous learning. Employee360 wallet covers online courses, certifications, workshops and conferences.

Employee Engagement

We have set aside a fund for entertainment where team members can bring in the element of sports and fun at work.

Wedding and new born gift

From weddings to welcoming newborns, we celebrate special milestones with thoughtful cash gifts for our valued employees.

Your Happiness Our Priority

At, we nurture a lively atmosphere, encouraging employees to pursue interests like sports, racing, and art, integral to our growth.

In my 4-year tenure at, rising from SDR to Lead SDR, I've seen the firm's unwavering dedication to professional growth. Attending a global conference in London broadened my horizons, while forming a Corporate Cricket Team showcased Kovai's holistic support, fostering both professional and personal excellence.

Gunasekhar Paramasivan

Lead - Sales Development

At, employee well-being takes precedence. As a Growth Marketer, I've thrived in an environment promoting both professional and personal development. Flexible hours, supportive ambiance, and amenities like a cafeteria and nap room enable a balanced lifestyle, allowing me to pursue career goals and passions. Incredible workplace!

Arun Sankaralingam

Senior Growth Marketer

At, talents shine through diverse showcases like dance, singing, painting, and art training. Fitness is encouraged with desk yoga and Zumba. Tournaments and annual meets celebrate achievements, while internal events during festivals foster a sense of togetherness, highlighting the priority given to our happiness and wellness.

Parameswary Pandian

Manager - Product Support prioritizes employee wellbeing through flexible hours, amenities like a nap room and cafeteria, and engaging fun events. This holistic approach extends to encouraging employees to pursue their hobbies during internal events and outside of work, fostering a nurturing workplace environment beyond the typical nine-to-five schedule.

Haripriya Manoharan

Product Support Engineer

What drew me to was their inclusiveness, especially for women. Initiatives like nap rooms and support during recovery foster loyalty and a culture of respect, empathy, and nurturing. The team feels like family, offering support for professional and extracurricular activities, and making office a happy place.

Apurva Thrilok

Manager - Customer Success

Building a Vibrant Workplace

Prioritizing employees' growth, we enrich work life with engaging activities.