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Necessity is the mother of invention

This proverb will fit a majority of the start-up stories and we are not any different.

How it all started?

Our Founder, Saravana Kumar, who worked as a software consultant in London for a decade, noticed a lack of necessary tools for managing and monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

In 2010, at a Microsoft conference in Redmond, he discussed a product idea with fellow technology enthusiasts to address these gaps.

A year later, he presented a prototype at the same conference. After further refining it based on feedback, he officially launched our inaugural product, BizTalk360, in June 2011. The company received its first order from Hong Kong within a few weeks, marking the beginning a journey of steady growth.
You are only an hour’s drive from our office to this pictures view of beautiful mountains and hill stations surrounding Coimbatore.

The story behind the name

"Why the name –"

Saravana Kumar, our founder, deeply values giving back to society, especially in his hometown of Coimbatore, India. He firmly believes in the potential of small cities like Coimbatore to create and market world-class software products. Despite advice from peers to establish a software development center in larger cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, or Hyderabad, he decided to set up the center in Coimbatore in 2013.

This decision was fuelled by his strong emotional connection to Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, which is evident in the company's registered names: "Kovai Limited" in the UK (2009) and "Kovai Systems India Pvt Limited" in India (2013). Although the company was initially known as BizTalk360, a rebranding effort in 2018 led to the adoption of the name

In 2020, the company successfully acquired the coveted domain, previously owned for nearly two decades. Pride in our origins and love for our city and its culture drive our mission to build a thriving global technology product company based in Coimbatore.

Who is behind

We're bootstrapped, meaning we haven't taken any money from external investors. We're privately owned and profitable, thanks to careful and balanced approach to growth. This mindset has enabled us to organically scale the company.

From day one, our principle has been to maintain a health reserve, allowing us to comfortably weather the downturns. We believe in growing steadily, only taking on calculated and managed risk.

Our goal is to be a company that's humane, respectful, transparent, inclusive and socially conscious.

Let's dive into our numbers

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Products Created milestones


The original idea for BizTalk360 was seeded at the Microsoft Global MVP Summit in Seattle. Initial prototypes of BizTalk360 were built.


Demonstrated the first version of BizTalk360 to fellow MVPs. First customer for BizTalk360 came from Hong Kong (a casino).


Our CEO decided to take the plunge and go full time with BizTalk360. Gained 65 enterprise customers.


Reached 145 customers. In Global MVP Summit 2013, Microsoft awarded our CEO, Saravana with the "Integration MVP of the year".


Established as a proper business and moved to first office in London. Registered office and moved to a 400 sq.ft office with 6 staff in India.


Moved into 6000 sq.ft brand new office space in Coimbatore Special Economic Zone, India. In UK, we invested in a brand new 2000 Sq.ft office


Launched our second product, ServiceBus360 – a One Platform Operations, Monitoring, and Analytics Software for Microsoft Azure Service Bus.


Our CEO, Saravana Kumar was invited to Buckingham Palace as part of the Silicon Valley to UK program recognizing “50 scale-up CEO’s” in London.


Launch of two new products – Atomic Scope and Document360.


Serverless360 and Document360 gaining momentum in the market.


Acquired ‘Cerebrata’ an Azure development tool.


Awarded “Bootstrapped Startup of the Year” by SaaSBOOMi.

2021 is growing organically and Annual Recurring Revenue clocks $10M.


Began building Churn360 product and team.


Inaugurated and moved into new 300-seater office space in Coimbatore.


Document360 acquires its 1000th customer.


Launched Churn360.


Document360 2.0 launched.

2024 moves into new office space in UK.