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We have grown organically to 4 products, 290+ team members and serving over 2500+ customers across the world.

How it all started

"Necessity is the mother of invention".

This proverb will fit a majority of the start-up stories and we are not any different.

Our Founder, Saravana Kumar after 10 years of working as a software consultant in London identified a gap in the availability of necessary tools in the market when it comes to managing and monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

In 2010, he was attending a Microsoft conference in Redmond, Washington and he floated an idea with fellow technology enthusiasts. After returning, he spent a year building the initial version.

At the same conference, the following year (2011), he demonstrated what he had built and everyone was blown away seeing the potential of the product.

He received a lot of feedback, fine tuned the product and finally launched it in June 2011 as BizTalk360 which is our first product.

Within a couple of weeks, he received the first order from Hong Kong. Slowly but steadily the company started to grow organically.
You are only an hour’s drive from our office to this picturesque view of beautiful mountains and hill stations surrounding Coimbatore.

The story behind the name

"Why the name –"

One of the core values of our founder Saravana Kumar is to give it back to society. He chooses to give back to his hometown through his contributions on economic and skills upliftment.

He was born in a tier-2 city called Coimbatore in the Southern part of India. He strongly believes world-class software products can be created and sold from small cities like Coimbatore and one need not be always in Silicon Valley.

So when the company is growing organically and the opportunity came to set up a development center in India, back in 2013, he ignored all the counsel from his peers to set up the facility in Bengaluru, Chennai or Hyderabad and started the development center in Coimbatore.

The town Coimbatore was called Kovanputhur with a shorter version called Kovai. The use of the word Kovai for Coimbatore is still in existence, and it has an emotional attachment to people of Coimbatore.

Hence when he started the company, he registered the company name as “Kovai Limited” in the UK (in 2009) and “Kovai Systems India Pvt Limited” in India (in 2013). Even though the registered names were Kovai, the company was known as BizTalk360 (the first product) for a long time.

When the company was going through the re-branding exercise after evolving into a multi-product company, we decided to bring Kovai as the prominent brand name.

In 2018, we called the company

In 2020, with continuous persistence, we managed to acquire the domain owned by its previous owner for nearly 20 years.

We are proud of our origins. We love our city and its culture.

"Our mission is to create a successful global technology product company out of our home city - Coimbatore."

Who is behind Kovai?

We are bootstrapped. For people who are new to this term, it means we never took any money from external investors.

We are profitable and privately owned.

The frugal mindset of managing money and putting profit alongside growth helped us to scale the company organically to this stage.

The company from its inception is always run on the principle to survive even if $0 new revenue is generated for the next two years.

We have a clear focus of "only bite off what we can chew" - slow and steady.

We aim to be a company that is humane, respectful, transparent, inclusive, socially conscious and a good citizen.

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