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Careercomeback Women: Parameswary Pandian

Careercomeback Women: Parameswary Pandian

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In 2016, Parameswary Pandian left the IT and software industry to take up a distributorship of healthcare products in Coimbatore. However, the pandemic had hit her business, forcing her to look for other ways to contribute to her family financially. 

It was also during the pandemic that she saw every function and service move digitally and saw the IT industry growing rapidly. She watched the IT industry contributing to the world. “I had two options—to either be a viewer and watch what is happening or to be a contributor and be a part of the growth,” she said. 

Once she chose the latter, she was revved up and ready to return.  “I realized that by returning to the IT industry, I would not only be a part of the growth but also be able to improve my family’s financial situation largely,”.

Armed with an engineering degree in IT and 13 years of experience in the field across multiple companies and roles, she started researching opportunities in Coimbatore and came across’s openings on Linkedin, as part of its Career Comeback initiative, decided to look past her 5.5-year break and focus instead on her years of expertise in Microsoft. We also recognized that she would be bringing her learnings gained from running her own business to the table. She joined us as a Customer Support Manager in October 2021 

To help herself transition seamlessly into her new role, Parameswary started taking up online courses on websites like simply learn, YouTube among others to brush up on her technical skills, latest developments on the cloud space, new features, and handling customer success roles. “Even during the break, I kept tracking new developments in the industry, new roles that were coming up and attending workshops to ensure I did not lose touch,” she adds. 

Parameswary’s 13year long career in the industry, before her break, includes stints as a research analyst and technical support engineer in a few IT companies followed by a career spanning 11 years with Microsoft. “I was in Microsoft’s Global Technical Support Centre for 6.5 years and later joined Microsoft Global Delivery as a consultant for more than five years,” she says.  

After six months in she says it is extremely exciting to be part of a large organization and the financial growth she is individually witnessing is liberating. “I feel empowered that I can contribute financially to my family’s wellbeing and growth. I also can see the impact I have on a business by helping it run smoothly,” she adds. 

She says her five months at have been transformative in her lifestyle, economic growth, learning and her personality. “I simply feel accepted the way I am. My confidence comes from the fact that we are given the autonomy to take decisions and implement what we have learnt effectively,” she says. “It has given me wings to fly,”.