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Covid-19 Impact for Women in Workplace

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The Pandemic and its aftereffects have drastic impacts on workplaces negatively and Positively. Due to highly challenging circumstances Of Covid 19 , we could see many struggle to do the Jobs. One of the major challenges was the demand for continuous availability or “always-on”, It has significantly affected the boundaries between personal and professional life. Mental exhaustion and breakdowns were common.

Women faced most of these challenges, particularly mothers who has to be a multitasking ninja went through long working hours managing family and work as demand got increased.

Off late there has been a lot of women who have started to think on decelerating their career or leaving the career temporarily/permanently due to lifestyle impact created by the pandemic.

Research suggests that key aspects that keep women stick to an organization is nothing, but their job will fit best with other areas of life while they enjoy their work at the organization, and a belief that their job allows them to make a difference.

What makes women feel content at work is creating an environment of mindfulness and be able to connect to one’s values and vision.

Being a woman and mother who has been working for years, the thought a downshifting or leaving the career has lingered my thoughts as well when I go through a tough period and compromises my work-life balance.

One thing that struck me while exploring was high gender diversity and women employees playing senior roles with very high retention rates.

As I started working here in an important role, I have been contemplating on how to manage the work-life balance. But to my surprise the organization clearly draws boundaries on your personal and professional life and gives you enough “me” time, there is no other reason required for me to love my job in, while you enjoy and climb the ladder of success you get to enjoy the other side of life to the fullest and make a difference.

On this international women’s day I take a bow at for its women-friendly work culture and all flexibility and at the same time opportunity been given to aspiring women who are change-makers.

Lakshmi Priya

Mar 8, 2021