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Diwali Dhamaka 2022 at

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It was an evening of music, games, dancing, mimicry, and most importantly laughter. We celebrated Diwali in our office in true style—together and lot of fun. In fact, our cool moves, cheers, and loud laughs left the evening crackling with energy, and we almost did not miss crackers. Being one of the most looked-forward-to festivals of the year, we decided that we would take an hour off towards the end of work on Wednesday to celebrate.

We began preparations almost a week earlier trying to come up with different programs which can involve everyone, not take too much time to practice but also completely de-stressing. So, we decided to start off with a fun zone which had two simple but fun games, followed by performances by our extremely talented singers, a ramp walk by people who were dressed in ethnic finery, mimicry performances by in-house talent followed by what we like doing best—dancing away to Kollywood Diwali special hits.

Office decorations

We began planning the event a week earlier. We requested people to dress in festive ethnic wear. To ensure celebrations were not confined to the one-hour alone and for us to enjoy the festive cheer a little longer, we decided to decorate the office. We created four photo booths—the swing area on both floors, the reception area on one of the floors, and another space near the meeting rooms. We used both natural and artificial flowers of different colors for each location so people could choose a photo booth of their choice.

Diwali Dhamakka 2022 at

We also created traditional floral pookalams with diyas at the entrance to each of the floors, which people had fun decorating and taking pictures with.

Kicking off festivities

We decided to kick off festivities with some icebreaker games as people began settling down at our office’s step seating area which was chosen for the celebrations. We started the event with a few rounds of hula hoop pass, which is also a fun team-building activity. The first round had 10 people passing the hula hoop without using their fingers and the second had around 12 people participating.

This was followed by the balloon pyramid event. People were encouraged to blow a balloon to a certain size and pick up paper cups using the balloon but not their hands. They were not allowed to touch the balloon or the cups. With each paper cup picked up and placed in the next table, they had to build a small pyramid. The person who built the largest structure with a shape close to a pyramid was considered the winner. Some even nominated their friends to participate in the events, But since every participant put in a lot of effort, all of them ended up bagging prizes.

Fashion show with tasks

This was followed by a ramp walk by our best dressed but with a difference. People couldn’t just walk the ramp and strike a pose, but read a dialogue given to them. We selected 20-25 famous movie dialogues by comedians like Vivek and Vadivelu. So, people had to pick a chit and perform the dialogue when they came onto the ramp. The event brought many of our people’s hidden mimicry and acting talents. It also produced the most laughs.

Diwali Dhamakka 2022 at

Even people who were not too comfortable with Tamil but dressed up decided to give dialogues a shot. Our senior paid campaign specialist, Arun Sankaralingam, in fact, entertained us with a classic Vadivelu performance from the movie Pokkiri.

Song and Dance

The fashion show was followed by singing performances by our senior SEO specialist, Sai Dheepika, and customer success specialist Vaishnave Jayaraman. After the singing performance, we opened the dance floor to people like SDRs, Suki Rajendran, and Poovarasu Govindasamy, Finance and Operations Manager, Indhirani Rangasamy among others who were only too happy to shake a leg to popular Diwali-themed songs from Kollywood hits.

Diwali Dhamakka 2022 at

Memories for a lifetime

Customer Support Engineer, Varsha Ann, said though it was a small event, in terms of time, it managed to get everyone involved in some way or the other. Varsha was nominated to also walk the ramp and imitate Vadivelu in the movie—Winner. “I had not seen the movie or the dialogue. So, I asked everyone about his mannerisms and come up with an act”.

Senior Paid Campaign Specialist, Isaac Thianaraj, also recalled Arun’s mimicry and said it was unforgettable. “His body language, actions, accent, and dialogue delivery were so perfect, he would have even given Vadivelu a run for his money. We couldn’t stop laughing literally. Varsha’s performance, including removing her slipper and limping was extremely fun. Poovarasu’s dance moves were also amazing,”. Administration and Operations specialist, Premkumar Radhakrishnan, said while he enjoyed the whole program, he loved nominating his friends, senior SDR specialist, Gunasekar Paramasivan and IT Infrastructure Specialist, Mahendran Ganeshan.

Sweets Gifting

The office also gifted us a lovely box of sweets each from Sri Krishna Sweets which had a mix of traditional sweets and savory snacks encompassing the very spirit of Diwali.