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Diwali Dhamakka in Style

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Diwali, the festival of lights, isn’t just a tradition at; it’s a celebration that sparks laughter, camaraderie, and a vibrant display of our unique office culture. As we ushered in the festive season, our corporate office transformed into a hub of joy and excitement, making this Diwali a truly memorable one.

Setting the Stage for Celebration: Anticipation hung in the air leading up to November 9, the chosen day for our office Diwali celebrations. We were invited to dress in our traditional and festive best, with us having a chance of being crowned Mr or Ms Vibrant decorations adorned every corner, with patakha danglers and colorful lanterns creating a lively atmosphere. Our hosts for the evening, Poornima Marimuthu and Pavithran Arivazhagan, set the stage for what would be an evening filled with laughter, games, and the spirit of togetherness.

Reflecting on the Essence of Diwali

Poornima kicked off the event by encouraging us to reflect on what Diwali truly means to each of us. While some answers ranged from “crackers and sweets” to “bonus” and “holidays,” Poornima reminded us of the deeper significance of Diwali—a celebration of overcoming darkness and evil. Mythologically, it symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, a narrative that adds depth to our festivities.


Entertainment Galore

The entertainment commenced with a soulful traditional folk song by Premkumar Radhakrishnan, setting the tone for an evening filled with cultural richness. Games followed, adding an interactive twist to the celebration. From pinwheel spinning challenges to imitating favorite celebrities and tackling tongue twisters, every activity brought out the competitive yet fun spirit of our family.

Laughter Unleashed

Our in-house standup comedian, Santhosh Senthilkumar, took center stage, bringing a comedic twist to relationships and marriage. Laughter echoed through the room as he shared humorous anecdotes, proving that humor truly bridges gaps and strengthens connections within our community.


Team Building Through Games

The competitive spirit reached its peak during the Boys Vs Girls games. From guessing Tamil movie names based on abstract picture clues to a series of physical challenges involving balloons and paper cups, the games emphasized teamwork, agility, and shared accomplishments.

It was then announce the winners of our Best Dressed competitions. While Rohith Unny and Pavithran Arivazhagan were jointly crowded Mr, Mekala Rakkiyappan & Shushmitha Muthusamy were crowned Ms

Unveiling the Diwali Hampers

The highlight of the evening was the much-anticipated moment when we received our Diwali hampers. Filled with delightful treats like coffee premixes, wild forest honey, mouth-watering Mysurpa, Kaarams, and beautifully painted diyas, these hampers encapsulated the essence of sharing joy and spreading the Diwali spirit with our loved ones.


Conclusion: As the Diwali celebrations at came to a close, the echoes of laughter and the warmth of shared experiences lingered in our hearts. Together, we grow, and this Diwali reinforced the strength of our bonds and the vibrant culture that defines May the glow of Diwali continue to illuminate our office, fostering a spirit of unity, joy, and shared success. Here’s to more celebrations and togetherness in the coming years!