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Indhirani Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Indhirani Rangasamy

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Tell us about yourself.

I am Indhirani working as a Manager – Finance & Admin in

How did you start your Career at

I started my career at in the year 2015 June when I was in my maternity leave. It was really an unplanned decision because I did not have a thought to restart my career till end of 2017 since I had a small kid. Hence, I did not even try with any companies.

But I would like to thank my friend Logeshwari who helped me to learn about this wonderful opportunity. She insisted me to attend the interview. So, I tried with on her compulsion and got selected.

Indhirani with team

What growth opportunities did you got in the organization?

I can proudly say this is my best Career move. If I split up my career before 2015 and after that, Certainly, I could see tremendous growth in my career over these years. I joined as a Junior Accounts Executive and now, I have grown as a Manager – Finance & Admin. This Transformation of designation speaks a lot.

Initially, for the 1st one year, I was only into the accounting side of activities and in mid of 2016, I got an opportunity to take over the admin part as well. It was totally new to my profile when comparing my previous experiences. Also, I have got a chance in the HR department as well. So, overall, I have acquired great knowledge in various departments and have developed different skills which resulted in a significant rise in my confidence.

What’s your proudest moment in the company?

I have many things to share for this question. I am just sharing only 2 incidents which happened recently. We had our office in the Tidel Park SEZ zone and we recently vacated that space. Vacating SEZ unit is obviously a challenging process but I got the full ownership to take over the complete Exit formalities which are obviously my proudest movement.

Another proudest movement in was when I came to know that I got promoted as a Manager. It was a very big surprise for me. In both scenarios, I felt extremely proud of being an employee at I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management for continuously believing me and providing a great opportunity to establish my skills and prove myself every time.

Tell us about your corporate retreat experience in Singapore.

It was a great experience from both the side professionally and personally. When it comes to professional, I got a good exposure by arranging the overall International retreat trip. It was my first international travel. Not only for me, many of us from the team and we enjoyed the trip to the extreme. Everyone got an opportunity to mingle with our colleague and had a good team bonding. It was an indelible moment for of all us.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am a good chef. I used to cook different dishes/ snacks during weekend by seeing you tube channels. My daughter is my companion for this, because she likes to watch new dishes when I prepare this. I started doing this especially for her.

What’s your hobby?
I love to design/stitch dresses. Whenever I find times during weekends, I used to design dresses for me and my daughter.

Indhirani Team

Tell us 3 reasons why someone should work at

Work-life balance: provides a work-life balance that really aspires everyone to join the company. In my case, when I got selected here, I was in a dilemma whether I could join or not as I was a young mother. But our CEO Saravanakumar gave me a great solution and provided me an opportunity to work part-time for 1 year which I did not really expect. I am very proud to be a part of this company where the employer understands and helps the employees by considering their situation.

Opportunity to learn new things: Everyone is talented in this world but not everyone is getting the right place and better opportunity to learn new things and exhibit their talents. provides an equal opportunity for all the employees to learn new things and helps to bring out their talents with their own space.

Employee friendly policies, reward, and benefits: is acknowledging the hard work and accomplishment of the teams and individual in the organisation and giving them a best reward. provides employee-friendly policies.

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Jul 27, 2020