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Mohan Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Mohan

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Tell us about yourself.

A complete family man, dedicated professional, and a common man in the society. I work as a Product Marketing Lead for Integration Products at Back in 2015, I joined BizTalk360 as a Senior Technical writer and promoted gradually to lead the product marketing team. I come from the school of thought that “If you focus on the Process – the result will take care of Itself”.

Mohan Microsoft ignite event

What’s the best thing about working at

All the talents are treated the same, every individual effort to grow the organization is recognized. You can get a good learning experience and exceptional benefits helping to have a better work-life balance. Right from the beginning, Saravana is community-oriented and wanted the organization to be the same. That is the core culture of this organization which brings lots of talents to work here and the retention rate is very high compared to the industry standards.

What’s your role and what has been your favorite project or part of work?

One of the good opportunities working in a start-up is, you can wear multiple hats. So, from my role I’ve been a content writer, manage product websites, design few graphics when the designers are occupied, connecting with influencers, coordinate events, and whatnot.

My role changes with the current requirement which I enjoy doing. My favorite work/project out of all these is working for INTEGRATE – the annual tech conference that organizes. It is 3 months’ worth of preparation for the 3-day conference where the product team from Microsoft and other Industry experts meet.

This was my 5th year working for the conference and was rewarded to attend it live in London, but Covid-19 travel restrictions forced us to run the conference online.

Mohan Team Microsoft Ignite

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Hmm interesting, if something is not known of me, then let it stay unknown 😉

If Hollywood made a movie in your name, whom do you want to cast as you?

I don’t watch many Hollywood movies, it’s just very few I’ve watched. But, during the Covid-19 lockdown, I happened to watch this Netflix series Sherlock and liked the acting of Martin Freeman as John Watson. So, I prefer him to be my cast though he is not the same height and physique as I am. 

How was your experience in the U.S during MS Ignite event?

International travel was one of my dreams and it has happened twice at for me. The first one to Singapore was a team retreat and the second one was to the U.S for Microsoft Ignite 2019 Conference. Serverless360 was an Exhibitor-A Sponsor for the event and we had a display space for the product.

The event is one of the flagship conferences that Microsoft runs every year and it has by far the largest attendees for any Microsoft events. There were about 25K people from various countries and cultures.

The level of exposure in terms of flight travel, event organizing, people interaction, understanding a foreign culture, and so on are invaluable life experiences.

Mohan Microsoft Ignite

A proud moment that I will cherish from that event is, one of the attendees just came to our booth space to thank me for one of the blogs that I wrote as an event precursor. The entire exhibit area was around 2 million sq.ft with hundreds of exhibitors and he took the effort to find me there just to appreciate 😊.       

Is there a place you desire to travel and why?

If there is a time machine, I will travel back to 2nd April 2011, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Just to watch that final SIX from MS Dhoni. But that’s not possible now ☹ So next, I wish to travel to watch an Indian final in the world cup cricket match. I hope this becomes true!

Is there a dream you wish to fulfill and what’s that?

I will keep this one secret, as it is going to happen soon!

Tell us why someone should consider working for the Marketing team at

Marketing is the face of our products here at We are a strong content marketing team; we drive a lot of content-driven strategies to reach out to our audiences. The technical contents produced by our team are highly appreciated and followed in the Microsoft Integration community. 

We are expanding our marketing efforts every day and there arises a need for more team members to carry out these activities. Here at, working in the marketing team has given me;  

Exposure: We are exposed to work on a variety of activities including organizing webinars, publishing blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, engagement through various forums and channels, user groups, reach out to International events, etc. When you work on any of these activities you easily get exposed to industry experts and gain valuable experience.

Budget: Typically, the marketing budget is seen as a subset of the larger sales budget. But here at, we have a dedicated marketing budget for each product. This helps us to plan innovative campaigns and deliver high-quality results. Roughly, my team manages a budget of $200K every year. 

Best in class tools: We are given access to some of the powerful marketing tools in the industry. Right from planning, execution, and post-campaign analysis these tools are the enablers for any successful marketing campaigns.

Growth: As I mentioned earlier, I joined here as a Senior Technical Writer, in any other company, probably I would have grown up my career to manage a few other Junior Technical writer in the same duration, but provided me the opportunity to explore and grow as Product Marketing Lead.

There is a unique culture in the organization that encourages us to grow from what we are doing every six months. We identify new responsibilities that add value to the business and pass the current activities over to my team, scaling them up as well. This culture helps us to grow automatically in the system.

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Venkat Raman

Jun 30, 2020