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Pandiyan Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Pandiyan Murugan

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Tell us about yourself

I am Pandiyan. I work here at for more than a year as a Full Stack Developer.

What’s the best thing about working at

You have an opportunity to experiment new things and put your creativity in various part of product without any hesitation.

What’s your role and what has been your favorite project or part of work?

My role here is Senior Software Engineer. My responsibility is to make sure that product Is getting build with proper best practices, so that it can compete with top products in the market.

Your Inspiration

I have multiple inspiration. It could be people or product or anything else. I pick the best things out of various people and build my own set of inspiration. 

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

A cyclist who can code or a coder who do cycling regularly.

Employee Spotlight Video: Pandiyan Murugan

If Hollywood made a movie in your name, whom do you want to cast as you?

There’s this series called Silicon Valley right?  I like the guy who cast the character called Gilfoyle in that series. He’s a very sarcastic as well as world level coder. I wish the same guy should cast my role.

Where were you born?

I was born in a place called Thiruvannamalai which is very spiritual and peaceful. 

Tell us about your Sibling?

My Sister is a teacher who always used to complain about me to my Father. 

How was your College days?

I was really having fun during my College days. A last bencher who can clear all the subjects as well as have fun. 

What are your hopes for the industry you serve?

We need to ask why? And instead of building what we can make, we should make what the customer actually need.

Is there a place you desire to travel and why?

I wish to travel to Silicon Valley. Just to explore and catch up with like-minded people.

About your Team?

I work for Document360. We are bunch of fun and like-minded people working for world-class product.

What do you like to do when you find time?

Whatever I do is mostly related to strengthen my skill-set. For example, if I find a new technology or tool, I used to explore a bit deeper and understand core of it. And next step is to check whether I use it in the product I’m currently working on.

As an end note, tell us about your experience at

For me, is like a very friendly environment. You don’t have to worry or think about anything. You just have to focus on your work.  You will get everything. It will be a constructive feedback or a valuable response from your colleagues. 

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Venkat Raman

Apr 23, 2020