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Praveena Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Praveena

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Tell us about yourself.

I am Praveena Jayanarayanan working as Senior Product Support Engineer for BizTalk360 which has a global customer base of over 650+ including Fortune 500 Customers.

How did you start your Career at

I started my career with Infosys and worked there for about 6 years. Then, due to my family situation, I had to shift to Coimbatore. While searching for opportunities in Coimbatore, I heard about through my relative. I applied and luckily got the opportunity to work for BizTalk360, the one-stop monitoring solution for the BizTalk server.

Praveena Tech Session

Tell us about your experience working for BizTalk360 team?

Our BizTalk360 is a fun-filled team. Everyone in the company would wonder how our team have fun and get our work done on time. The team is very understandable and cooperative.

Give us some insights on Product Support and how to keep your customers happy?

Product support is considered as a critical aspect in any organization as we are the customer-facing team. We act as the bridge between the customers and the management. Every step we take or every action in resolving the customers’ query has to be very cautious and should aim in resolving the queries on time aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. Understanding their business requirements and make them overcome the challenges in using our product is an important part of the support.

Making customers happy is again a challenging job as no customer is the same, their queries too. Their environment setup, infrastructure will be different. A customer would be happy when they know that their queries are taken care of and they are kept well informed about our actions on resolving the queries through emails or getting on calls.

“Customer success is simply ensuring that our customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with our company” – Lincoln Murphy

We make sure that we are taking the customers in the right direction when they raise an issue and give them confidence about the product as well as service.

Every support case is a new learning experience and we put in our best efforts to resolve the issues, thereby providing a better experience to the customers

Praveena Tech Talk

What’s your proudest moment in the organization?

Being in an employee-friendly company like working with cutting edge technologies, every moment has to be cherished. Every single achievement is recognized and rewarded.

We had the opportunity to meet our customers directly in the Integrate 2019 event conducted in London. One of the customers came asking for me to thank me for resolving his queries on time and getting on calls in short notice.

That was the proudest moment as I had made value for the opportunity given to me at Every appreciation we get from the customers is again a proud moment.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I love cooking and trying out new dishes. The main part of cooking is that when the dish comes out well, our family enjoys it. I also love long travel, which I am unable to do now due to responsibilities at home.

What’s your hobby?

I love to spend time with my kids and listening to music, particularly evergreen Ilayaraja songs.

Tell us 3 reasons why someone should work at

I would say is the best place to work and develop a career.

It is always a fun place to work and every employee has equal opportunities working for the latest technologies. No hierarchy is maintained in the company which is the best part.

We have a lot of community activities and sessions on the latest technologies which are most required for acquiring knowledge in this competitive world apart from your regular work. always takes care of their employee needs and immediate attention is given during difficult situations.

I am proud to be part of

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Venkat Raman

May 17, 2020