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Vishnu Balachandran Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Vishnu Balachandran

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Tell us about yourself

My name is Vishnu Balachandran. I work as a Technical Lead for our newest product Document360. I am tech enthusiast, I enjoy working software and hardware.

How did you start your Career at

I have been working at right from the beginning of my career. I joined as an intern on the BizTalk360 team and from the day one, I received great support and mentoring from the team.

It was exciting for me as an intern to watch how my little contributions made it all the way to a world-class enterprise product which helped hundreds of companies with their most critical operations and that excitement has only doubled since the inception of Document360.

Tell us about your experience working for Document360 team?

We started building Document360 with a 14 days companywide hackathon back in 2017. It was exciting to see how we could develop a product in such a short time frame. We are lucky to have a skilled team who were able to transform a prototype into a polished SAAS product.

Vishnu SaaStock Dublin

How was your experience attending SaaStock Dublin?

SaaStock was truly an amazing event, we could meet a lot of our potential clients and we got to know the pulse of the market in very direct and tangible way. The event helped us in understanding what companies except from us and what their pain points where.

It was satisfying to see how our product which is relatively new to the market was already able to address most of the problems that companies faced.

What’s your native place and how do you like Coimbatore?

My native is Palakkad, Kerala. For me, the best part of Coimbatore besides its warm and welcoming people is that it has everything a city should have but its not as crowded as Bangalore or Delhi. Coimbatore is big enough that there is plenty to explore, but at the same time not overwhelming.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am super interested in electronics.

What’s your hobby?

Movies, games, riding.

Tell us 3 reasons why someone should work at

Good support from management

Opportunity to work on cutting edge technology

Good mentoring

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Jun 7, 2020