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Haripriya Loganathan: Employee Spotlight

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m Haripriya Loganathan working as a Software Engineer for a SaaS product Document360 at

How did you get an opportunity to work at is my first employer. During my final year campus interview, I got selected in and I have trained towards the latest technology by the company in the first half of the final year and worked as an intern for the second half. It’s been nearly 3 years working with

What’s your role and what has been your favorite part of work?

As a software developer working in a leading SAAS knowledge base product like Document360, it’s very crucial to deliver robust features to meet the customer requirements.

Tell us about your experience working for Document360 Team.

I started working with Document360 from the days of the Hackathon. Working with the Document360 team, I got an opportunity to work on various parts of the project. The team here is very friendly, supportive and encourages me to do new things in different ways

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Very much interested in sports especially outdoor games.

What’s your proudest moment in the company?

I have been able to achieve a great career and got an opportunity to interview young technically talented people.

How has helped you in building a successful career? providers an excellent work culture and every individual in the organization has the freedom to implement their own ideas. It also organizes the various technical events that provide a platform to update ourselves to the latest technology that helps for career growth.

Happy to be a part of

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Venkat Raman

Nov 23, 2020