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unwind rewind 12th year Anniversary Celebration

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Unwind and Rewind 2023!!

It was a evening filled with claps, cheers, rib-tickling laughs, and dancing at our annual meet. The theme was masquerade, and the colours were black and gold. celebrated completing 12 years in business and stepping into its 13th year at Vivanta by Taj on July 28th. The party emulated a mini carnival with multiple entertainment and food stalls along the corridor and main events in the banquet hall.

At, we eagerly anticipate the annual meet as it offers our extremely talented employees a chance to showcase their other passions. As part of the masquerade theme, we had masks that people could choose and wear. To enhance their overall appearance and costumes, people could also get their faces and arms painted or tattooed. Caricature artists, a photo360 station, and a VR games stall were also present, drawing massive queues until the main events began.


We also featured a chocolate fountain where people were seen grabbing a quick bite of melting dessert in between the events. “All the outdoor counters were super fun, especially the photo360, where we could strike different poses, expressions, and dance moves. It was my first time experiencing it, and it was quite cool,” says Varsha Ann, a product support engineer.

The face painting and tattoo counter was my favourite because it made me feel like a child again. We usually only see this at birthday parties where only the kids get their hands or faces painted,” says Vidhya Manivel, Lead Product Support.

The event commenced with a classical Bharatanatyam performance by our Vice President of Sales, Gowri Ramkumar, followed by games for the leadership team. The team was divided into three couples and made to dance with each other.


After the couple dances had the audience in splits and applause, the couples were challenged to play the magic knot game. After nearly 15 minutes of struggle, Director of Churn360, Suprej Venkat and Director of Engineering, Manikandan were the first to untangle themselves from each other.

The distribution of the much-awaited excellence awards followed the entertaining ice-breaker session. Thirty-four individuals across five departments were selected for these awards. Fourteen individuals received the Technical Excellence Award, given to engineers who had excelled in feature development, bug fixing, creativity, etc. Three people won the Marketing Maestro award, presented to high performers in the marketing teams. Six individuals from the Sales Development Representatives (SDR) teams across our four products won the Sales Star award, and two people received the Stellar award. The category that received the most applause was the Galactic Award, presented to eight managers. While four of them won in the leadership excellence category, the others won in the Best Mentor category.


We took a short break with comedian Ramkumar Natarajan, who had the audience roaring with laughter during his stand-up comedy routine. The incredibly enjoyable session was followed by the service awards, presented to 49 people who had been with the company for three to nine years. The service awards were followed by the KPL 2023 trophies, given to the winners of our cricket, badminton, and carrom tournaments.

The awards were succeeded by an incredible fashion parade with the theme “Surrender to the Untamed Essence of Nature.” Each costume, inspired by a species, was designed, hand-stitched, and handcrafted by the participants. Some chosen species included butterflies, spiders, pigeons, peacocks, cheetahs, and sea creatures.


After a sumptuous dinner, our DJ took to the turntable, and the dance floor came alive. The entire leadership team joined everyone else on the dance floor, bringing the evening to a close in true style.

The entire evening was fantastic. I enjoyed dancing to Tamil songs well into the night, said our COO, Andrew Cloke.

Our CEO, Saravana Kumar, commented, “I believe the event truly reflected the essence of our work culture. At the core of are our incredibly talented and dedicated employees. Witnessing the passion and creativity of our performers was truly awe-inspiring.”