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My Journey towards Microsoft MVP

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“You cannot change your past. But you can sculpt your Future.”

I strongly believed in that and I’m just transforming myself into a better version every day. And that’s where I transformed myself to a Passionate Full Stack Web Application Developer. In life, it’s all about giving back. So, I started giving back to the community by writing blogs, giving Tech Talks, contributing to StackOverflow, etc. Based upon these community contributions I have been recognized as Microsoft MVP for the Developer Technologies category.

In India, there are only 77 Microsoft awarded MVPs and I’m very much glad to say that I’m one of them. Microsoft MVP Award is a way of recognizing the efforts of outstanding community leaders. They will be recognized based upon the engagements and the impact made on the technical community.

MVPs make up a global community of over 4,000 technical experts and community leaders across 90 countries/regions who are driven by their passion, community spirit, and the quest for knowledge.

Suhas MVP Microsoft

TechMeet360 – A Community Initiative by

Once I became comfortable as a Developer, I was trying to find out ways of giving back to the community. was already having an amazing platform which was called TechMeet360. The main aim of TechMeet360 is to share and gain knowledge across the developers around the world.  Arunkumar Kumaresan, Director of Product Engineering, and Kuppurasu Nagaraj, Software Engineer oversaw all these community activities.

kuppurasu Suhas MVP

They both supported and encouraged me to do community activities. First, I was just trying to attend all these community activities conducted by TechMeet360. It helped me in a lot of ways to increase my knowledge. After some months, I thought, let me try out these things such as tech talks and writing blogs. It went out very well and after some time it became a habit for me where I deliver at least a talk and a blog each month.


I wrote my first blog on 5th July 2018 on the topic What is new in ASP.NET Core 2.1. It was a nice experience and I started doing it regularly. It improved my grammar and also, I liked the feel when someone appreciates my blog.

Apart from that, it also helped me to collect information on my interest. The blogging skill will also establish your interest in learning technology. Till now, I am blogging some interesting topics and new updates in the respective technology.

In the future, I have an idea to write blogs on the challenges I am facing in day-to-day developing activities. It will also help me in the future and problem-solving blogs will be very much useful for the other developers.

Once you start writing blogs, you will realize, it will be more helpful for you rather than the other individuals. I started it as a hobby, but it became a habit.

Co-Organizer of TechMeet360

After continuous contribution, I became a co-organizer of TechMeet360 to help Kuppurasu in driving all these community activities. I also take care of TechTalk Thursday which is an internal technical meetup for employees of I became a part of doing these community activities because I love to do it. And when you love something that you do, somehow it will benefit you in the future.

One memorable Tech Talk was at Microsoft Office, Bengaluru where I gave a small demo about Azure Event Grid. It was my first visit to Microsoft office, and I was very much excited. Thanks to Arunkumar and Kuppurasu for the opportunity.


Microsoft MVP

I was consistently doing these community activities. For the past two years, I have written 70 blogs, given 39 Tech Talks and 66 Stack Overflow answers (with 946 points). And also, with the help of Arun and Kuppurasu, we have organized around 48 TechMeet360 and Tech-Talk Thursday events successfully.

Organising activities and contributing towards the community for two years, Kuppurasu suggested me to apply for Microsoft MVP. And I thought let’s just give a try. He nominated me and I submitted my contribution list in October 2020.

On the first week of December, I received the below email

Microsoft Most Valued Professional, India

I was very much excited to see this email and it came around 12.30 AM. I lost sleep the whole night. Once I woke up in the morning, I informed Saravana, Kuppurasu, Arunkumar and some of my friends and seniors in They encouraged me from the first day to till now. One thing I want to convey here is

Don’t do it because you want some recognition, do it because you love to do it. When I start doing these community activities, it was just pure interest and love towards doing it and I was not sure of becoming an MVP.

Thanks to Deepak Rajendran, MVP Program Manager, and the MVP Award team for recognizing my efforts.

Journey Continues!

If you become Microsoft MVP, it opens the door for many opportunities, and it will also help you to connect with other MVPs around the world. If you want to get into more idea on this program you can visit this link. The main benefits of becoming an MVP are,

  • Early access to Microsoft Products
  • Direct Communication Channels with Microsoft Product Teams
  • Invitation to attend Global MVP Summit hosted in Redmond, US
  • Visual Studio Subscription and Office365 Subscription and much more…

I will continue to give my best to contribute to the community and I will maintain this MVP award for the upcoming years. Thanks to everyone who motivated and supported me throughout this journey. Special thanks to Saravana Kumar, CEO of for providing me a platform to kickstart my interest towards doing community activities.

Saravanakumar,CEO,, Suhas Parameshwar, MVP, Microsoft
Suhas with Saravana Kumar, CEO,


And the journey continues!