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Solving complex business problems through Artificial Intelligence

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Business problems are the driving force that enables entrepreneurs to build great solutions and products. Thus, falling in love with the business problem should be the mantra for right solution to be built. Understanding the business problem involves probing multiple facets of the problem that includes asking the following questions

  • Why does this problem exist?
  • Under what circumstances this problem occur?
  • What are the forces that creates this problem?
  • What is the customer pain points?
  • What is the value that we can capture by solving this problem?
  • How is customer dealing with this problem right now?
  • What kind of frugal solutions I can prototype to solve this problem?

Obsession with business problem provides greater insights into understating the problem statement holistically. Once the problem is clearly understood, building a right solution becomes much easier.

It is so fun and thrill to find hard business problems. At, we are always trying to find harder business problems and use right technology tools to build the right solution. We wish to share a story about one of the harder problems we solved recently. Let’s dive in!

Our flagship product Document360 provides a platform for growing companies to build a self-service knowledge base for use-cases such as product documentation, user manuals, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, standard operating procedures and so on. Most of our customers are using Document360 platform to build a public-facing self-service knowledge for providing great customer support and user experience.

The content writers create informative content and publish them for their end-users to consume. Document360 provides a powerful search engine for our customer knowledge base to help their end-users with search queries and bring relevant articles from their knowledge base. However, most of the users use Google search engines to look for relevant articles that solves their issues rather than visiting customer knowledge base directly and using Document360 search engine to relevant articles.

The business problem we have identified is that content writers are not highly skilled in optimising their content for search engine discoverability and driving organic traffic to their knowledge base article from the search engine results page. We cannot expect content writers to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and tailor content to be ranked on the top of search engine results.

We wish to solve this hard problem as it is challenging and once solved it will big impact on our customers. During our problem identification phase, we understood that the SEO meta description plays an important in enabling the customer knowledge base content to rank in Google search page results. To aid the content writers write the best SEO meta description, it needs to include right search keywords that captures end-users search intent.

We have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that generates description based on the content and has targeted search keywords. The Artificial Intelligence technology deploys sophisticated Natural Language Processing model in producing optimum SEO meta description that adheres to Google search engine best practices.

This AI feature is available as an add-on to our customers such that they can use it to generate SEO meta description for thousands of articles within minutes. This drives organic traffic to our customer knowledge base site and acts as a marketing channel.

Read about the SEO meta generation product feature for more details.