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Suhas Parameshwara

Suhas Parameshwara: Employee Spotlight

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m a Passionate Full Stack Web Application Developer. I like to explore new technologies and also to enhance the knowledge of other developers by writing blogs and sharing my thoughts by giving Tech Talks.

How did you start your Career at

I started my career on Nov 27, 2017 as Software Engineer – Intern at Kovai.Co. It has been an awesome ride of 3 years. Initially, I started off with Atomic Scope team and currently working with BizTalk360 Team.


Tell us about your current responsibilities.

Being a Software Engineer, my current responsibilities, make sure to write code which machine can understand and also guide the other team members if they face any technical challenges.

And also I make sure all the coding standards are being followed in my project and also staying up to in the technologies we use in our product.

Share some of your experiences and engagement in community activities.

In life, it’s everything about giving back. After joining here, I heard about TechMeet360, a community initiative by Kovai.Co. I also thought, let’s give something back to the community and started writing blogs and giving Tech Talks in TechMeet360.

After some time, it became a habit. So, each month I’ll give some TechTalks or write technical blogs. With the support of Kuppurasu, I became a co-organizer for TechMeet360 Community, and we are organizing technical events every month.

We take care of Tech Talk Thursday, it is a kind of internal technical meetup for Kovai.Co employees which happen every month in three different tracks Dev Track, Sales Track, and Support & QA Track. So, we are nearing to 100th episode of TechTalk Thursday which is very much exciting.

I’m enjoying these community activities and thanks to Arunkumar & Kuppurasu for trusting me to handle these things and I’ll keep moving forward.

Do you love working for Enterprise Software or SaaS product?

I’m into developing Enterprise Software right from joining Kovai.Co. I haven’t been a part of SaaS product yet and I would give my best on whatever product I’m working on.

According to me, it’s not about which type of product I work. Whatever the product, I will give my 100% to make the product better to compete it with the top products in the market.


Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I also go bike rides with my friends. Yea I’m kind of a slow bike rider because that’s the way I like. Everyone mocks for it but that’s the way I’m 😛

If a Hollywood movie was made in your name, whom do you want to cast as you?

Recently watched a series called Prison Break. There’s a guy called Michael Scoffield (Wentworth Miller) who’s the hero of that series. The planning which he makes to break from the prision will be astonishing.

So I would like to cast as him.

What’s your hobby?

Reading & Writing Technical Blogs, Giving Tech Talks, Travelling

Tell us few reasons why someone should work at

Kovai.Co gives you a lot of opportunities and also it lets you explore new technologies and methodologies. It also allows you to collaborate with all the team members of Kovai. And the most positive thing of Kovai is, it’s a community-driven company where it focuses also on individual growth

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Dec 16, 2020