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Techmeet360 Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Categories: Company engineers and data scientists showcased the depth of the AI technology we use and implement in our products at the first-ever Global AI Bootcamp for AI enthusiasts in Coimbatore. Four out of the five presenters at the event were from . The audience, which included more than 40 technical architects, software developers, and entrepreneurs in the region, learned about the different ways we integrate and incorporate AI into SaaS products.

“Our interactions and perspectives revealed that we are ahead in terms of using Gen AI technology and adopting LLMs in our products,” Commented by Selvaraaju Murugesan – Head of Data Science at ” But it was a great opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge technology and learn from the audience’s perspectives,” adds Pavithira – Senior Data Science at “I learned that entrepreneurs mainly want to understand the business sense of providing or acquiring technology, and AI writers approach problems differently. It is important to consider these demands when further developing tech and products,” she says.


Apart from the learnings, the session, which saw a lot of audience questions and interactions, evidenced the deep skillsets and knowledge possessed by our senior developers and engineers.

These conferences help us learn a lot from each other and also give us confidence and self-validation that we know and work on something extremely valuable – highlighted Kuppurasu Nagaraj, Senior Software Engineer.

The global event was spearheaded by Techmeet360, a community initiative of BizTalk360 for technology enthusiasts keen on making a mark in the arena. Techmeet360 is now gearing up to host the annual Global Azure Bootcamp in April at our office, likely with around five speakers and more than 50 attendees from startups and companies across the region.


Our Techmeet360 annual events and boot camps are highly anticipated by stakeholders in the region because they get to learn, brush up their skills, and interact with different industry experts every year.

Techmeet360 was started in 2013 when such tech communities had not yet emerged in Coimbatore. “We knew that such communities and meetups are critical for building technical expertise, staying up to date with the latest technology trends, and networking with industry experts,” Commented by Arunkumar Kumaresan – Regional Head-GCC area, who has been spearheading Techmeet360 since its inception. “While tech meetups like this took place in bigger cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, they were not happening in Coimbatore back then”.

Understanding the importance of an open culture, knowledge sharing, and nurturing communities, Kovai. co-initiated Techmeet360. Our founder, Saravana Kumar, has always been involved in communities, conferences, and meetups, so when we proposed creating a tech community here and hosting meetups, he immediately gave the go-ahead.


Arunkumar highlighted the importance of having our people speaking and participating at more such events. “Such meetups provide engineers and developers with crucial exposure, similar to what they would get in a bigger city with more such events. They give youngsters insights into the cutting-edge technology we have and use, challenging projects, and self-validation of their skills and knowledge when they present or give a talk,”.


Beyond tech meets, has hosted many Idea Pattarai and SaaSBoomi workshops and events in the city. This effort is part of our initiative to create a SaaS ecosystem in the city and contribute to the tech community in the region.