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Turbo360 Unveiled: The ultimate cloud management platform for Azure

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Today marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to empower Azure users. We are thrilled to announce the official rebranding of Serverless360 to Turbo360, a comprehensive Cloud Management Platform designed to supercharge your Azure experience. Despite the rebranding, the management of Turbo360 remains the same. This exciting evolution represents a journey that began in 2016 with ServiceBus360, a product tailored for specific Azure Service Bus needs. As the cloud ecosystem blossomed, so did our vision, leading us to create Turbo360 – a single, powerful platform to manage all your Azure resources with ease.

From Humble Beginnings to a Cloud Powerhouse

Our story began with ServiceBus360, addressing the complexities of managing Azure Service Bus resources. In 2018, recognizing the expanding landscape of serverless offerings in Azure, we evolved into Serverless360, broadening our support to encompass Logic Apps, Event Grid, Relays, and Functions. Throughout this journey, we continuously listened to our customers, understanding their evolving needs and incorporating their valuable feedback into our platform. This unwavering dedication to improvement led us to the realization that Serverless360, while fulfilling the core functions of a CMP, lacked a distinct identity within this category.

Introducing Turbo360

With Turbo360, it is not just a name change, but a holistic upgrade. Experience a rich and intuitive user interface, alongside the highly anticipated addition of Azure cost management. Turbo360 empowers you to:

  • Holistic Monitoring: Gain unified visibility into all your Azure resources, identifying and resolving issues effortlessly.
  • Technical Documentation: Transform raw data into actionable insights with workload, cost, and security-based documentation.
  • Business Tracing: Gain deep operational insights and monitor message flow across Azure integration services through a self-service portal.
  • Cost Management: Optimize your Azure spending with granular cost analysis, monitoring, and resource utilization insights.

Founders Thoughts

It’s not a completely new product; we are rebranding and repositioning our successful product Serverless360, to Turbo360 to serve a bigger market and customer base.

The new brand “Turbo360” will provide clarity to our customers in terms of what we are offering and help us position ourselves in a well-established and upcoming category, “Cloud Management Platform.” – Saravana Kumar, Founder

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