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Bart Scheurweghs

“We use BizTalk360 at all our Managed Services clients because it helps us deliver on our promise to reduce operational costs and improve the availability of business services. We methodically map monitoring against business impact and design for operations, we can reduce the number of incidents and impact of incidents with all our customers.”

Bart Scheurweghs

Senior Integration Architect

Bart Scheurweghs

“I like that the product is intuitive. When you first log in, you immediately know where to go for what kind of task.”

Nibu Thomas

Associate Director

Neil Buckley

“Document360 is not only highly functional and engaging, it is incredible easy to set up and maintain.”

Neil Buckley

Managing Director

Dusan Lukic

“Porsche Slovenija is biggest importer of cars in Slovenia, importing Volkswagen group vehicles. As we pushed into new business areas and products, we realized we needed a knowledge base for all our partners to use. We considered many knowledge base solutions, but as our priority was speed of deployment, ease of use (for editors and contributors) and ease of user/readers management, we choose Document360. Feedback from readers was positive, and we have next to zero maintenance except adding content, of course. We have deployed Document360 solution extremely fast and it’s very intuitive to use.”

Dusan Lukic

New mobility Project Leader

Bart Scheurweghs

“Due to Document360’s set of features, available integrations, and customization abilities, we were able to create a documentation website which fully meets our and our customers’ needs.”

Helen Kravchenko

Lead Technical Writer

Nibu Thomas

“Document 360 is exactly what I was looking for. Just the right combination of advanced features coupled with ease of use. I was up and running with all documentation migrated from my old site in no time.”

Rami Honig

Technical writer

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