Our Culture

We are not defining anything new here. There are thousands of companies out there with great culture already set up. We just picked the best ones that suit what we want to accomplish.

Inside Kovai.co

We hold ourselves to high standards and we have created an environment where people love coming to work. Our culture inspires us to enjoy the work we do and achieve exceptional results thereby taking the organization to greater heights.

We wish to be known for our values of integrity, teamwork and excellence. Our people always look for opportunities to serve our Customers better. As we grow, we ensure that our culture remains at the heart of Kovai.co.


We’re Hiring


We provide our employees with a good learning experience and exceptional benefits such as comprehensive health plans helping them have a better work-life balance.

Get the best tools and resources
Work Internationally
Flexible Timings
Enjoy the spotlight
Team Retreats
Flat organizational structure

We are a bunch of friendly people delivering exceptional products to our Customers. Trust us when we say, “We are a tribe of enthusiastic people you can rely on.” Our culture reflects in the way we react to our customers expectations being responsive to their issues and questions. We also value honesty and integrity as an integral part of our organization.

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Product Consultant

Kovai Ltd takes sincere efforts in understanding and fulfilling the needs of their employees. Almost 50% of the total work force are women, most of them being mothers. We, get the best support from the organization to balance our work and life. This indeed is the best work place for women who want to redefine their career. We feel truly valued.

Team Retreats

We believe in employee happiness and invest in them for what they do for the Organization’s growth. We go on a team retreats to beautiful destinations in India and abroad.

Retreat 2017 in Dubai
Retreat 2019 in Singapore

Duncan Barker

Business Development Manager

Working for Kovai has given me the opportunity to build relationships with and provide our solutions to leading companies in their respective fields. It is very satisfying knowing your efforts and those of the dynamic team around me, have enhanced business processes for important global brands.

Join us. Explore what’s possible!

We’re Hiring