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A Merry Celebration Unwrapping Joy at’s Christmas Festivities

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The entire family eagerly anticipates December, the festive month of the year. The spirited atmosphere enveloped our office two weeks before Christmas as we walked into a transformed space with vibrant stars suspended from the ceiling, cheerful Santa standees, and enchanting Christmas trees on every floor.

There was a lot of excitement to become Santa’s elves this year, with employees crafting and shopping for office Christmas décor. Vaishnave Jayaraman, a customer success specialist, says,

Putting up the Christmas tree and hanging the baubles is one of my favorite activities. The satisfaction and joy we feel once it’s done and the star is lit up, are unbelievable.

While the details of our Christmas celebrations were kept under wraps, this year brought a delightful twist. A week before the festivities, an email unveiled the surprise – a Secret Santa gift exchange! Subsequent emails revealed the identity of our Kris Child, setting off a chain of clandestine planning and execution.


Secret Santa’s covert operations included crafting dares for their assigned Kris Children. From leading impromptu flash mobs to parading around with the KPL trophy, the dares added an element of surprise and excitement to the festivities. Gift shopping became a group adventure, with participants determined to keep their Kris Child’s identity a secret.

The big celebrations were held on the Friday before the Christmas weekend. Dressed in festive colors of red, green, and white, people participated in a series of entertaining activities. The evening began with a tag game challenging participants to construct an Eiffel Tower using paper cups, turning out to be a perfect ice breaker.

Following the tower-building game, a kahoot quiz on Christmas and New Year celebrations was conducted. Priya Darshini, a talent acquisition specialist, was declared the winner. The quiz was followed by Santa Claus’s super fun entrance, distributing chocolates and engaging in multilingual conversations, leaving everyone in loud guffaws.


The festivities continued with a Christmas hunt, requiring participants to decipher clues pointing to various office locations. The treasure hunt allowed teams to explore different areas of our workspace and capture festive memories through selfies.

As the games concluded, the highlight of the evening unfolded—the gift exchange. People finally unveiled their Secret Santas and exchanged heartfelt gifts. The People and Culture team curated a “card station” beside the Christmas tree, encouraging colleagues to express gratitude with personal notes.

The evening left an indelible mark on our, with each person finding joy in different aspects of the celebration. Sai Dheepika, a senior SEO specialist, expressed her fondness for the card station.

It was very cute and was gratifying to write a note and give it to someone.

While Sheebha Austin, an associate product marketer, highlighted the thrill of the treasure hunt. “I loved the treasure hunt the best because it was so much fun. We were running around and learning new things like the fact that billionaire Bill Gates was known as Trey”.


Our Christmas celebration was a beautiful occasion to come together as the Kovai. co-family, share joy and laughter, exchange thoughtful gifts, and express gratitude—a reflecting the true spirit of Christmas.