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Kishore Vidyasagar

Employee Spotlight: Kishore Vidyasagar

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Tell us about yourself.

A design enthusiast, an adventure lover, and a gadget freak 😁
I’m a self-taught designer, currently working as a Digital Product Designer (UI/UX) at on Azure Serverless resources management application – Serverless360 and BizTalk server management application – BizTalk360.

Apart from tech and design, you can find me roaming around the city, traveling to some offbeat places, or tasting food from different cuisines (of course, Biriyani is my all-time favorite 😋). I go by the rethought quote “Jack of every trade, Master some” said by my favorite designer

Kishore Vidyasagar

How did you get the opportunity to work at

I started my career as a Web Developer in a start-up company in Coimbatore. Right from the college days, I wished to work for a product-based company. While I was exploring the concepts of UX and Product Design, I planned to switch to a Product based company, then I came to know about through my friend.

How did the transformation from Web Developer to UX Designer happen?

Right from my college days, I’ve been designing and developing websites and web applications. My thoughts were always around the user’s needs and solving user problems. I had an empathetic attitude towards solving real-world problems by getting into the shoes of users.

I was not aware that there is a separate discipline that deals with the User Experience during my college days. After starting my Professional Career as a Web Developer, I slowly started exploring UX, then I got the opportunity to work at

During the initial days, I worked with the marketing team to optimize the experiences for the product website to target the niche set of enterprise users. Later I moved entirely into the Product Engineering team to rethink the experiences for the products Serverless360 and BizTalk360

What do you believe should be the qualities of a good UI/UX Designer in a product company?

When it comes to a product company, it is equally important to understand the Business along with User Experience. Without understanding the business, we can’t optimize the user experience for the product.

Collaboration is the key. Design and UX is not a one-man show. We have to collaborate with multiple people like Developers, QA Engineers, Sales Development Representatives, Product Consultants, etc,. In general, UX designers should be good listeners and observers so that we can understand the users rather than having assumptions about them.

What design process do you follow when you are assigned a project?

I follow the Design Thinking methodology. This includes 5 phases – Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. This is an iterative process that helps me to understand the users, challenge assumptions, and redefine the problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions.

I’ve been following these methodologies for about a year in my day to day work and it worked out well in identifying and solving the niche problems in the enterprise segment.

Kishore Vidyasagar

Kishore Vidyasagar

If a Hollywood movie was made in your name, whom do you want to cast as you?

Hmm, not a movie buff. I recently watched the Silicon Valley series. I liked the two characters. Gilfoyle and Richard Hendricks. Gilfoyle is known for his sarcastic attitude and smart way of getting things done. Richard Hendricks is known for his hard work and persistence towards building his product idea.

What’s your hobby?

I’m a photography enthusiast. I love travel and landscape photography. It’s my passion also it is the major source of inspiration for my designs. Creating travel vlogs is my new found hobby. If you are someone who is into Off-roading and exploring the trails don’t forget to call me for your next adventure 😉

Tell us a few reasons why someone should work at

If you’re a good learner and love challenges, then come join us in solving the complex problems in the enterprise segment through software solutions.

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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