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Mekala Ramesh Employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Mekala Ramesh

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Tell us about yourself

I am Mekala Ramesh, Technical Lead QA and Product Consultant for BizTalk360. I am associated with the organisation since 2014 and employed as a first woman employee; it is been 6 years now. A passionate tester who wants to work in a dynamic and energetic environment and thrives to deliver the best quality products to our end customers.

I always had a passion for learning new things, and over time I also developed a strong interest in facing customer’s problems and providing them constant support. This made me who I am today in this unique organization ‘’.


How did you start your Career at

I have started my career in Chennai and looking for an opening in Coimbatore as I wanted to relocate after my marriage. I was vigorously searching for an opportunity and came across the opening in for testing. The Job description was quite clear. When I was contacted,

I understood that the focus of the position was to Instrument the testing from scratch. This is not an easy opportunity for anyone who can get easily in the software field in the very earlier career stage.

Fortunately, I got this opportunity and once I joined the team, I realized how rich the product is! The technology and the product we work is being used by large scale enterprises across the world. The breadth of my responsibilities gave me the chance to explore and paved the way to grow to the next levels.

Tell us about your experience working for BizTalk360 team?

Growth and Learning:

I have joined here as a senior software tester. I was fascinated by how things moved – setting up the team, finding appropriate tools, establish the process, and at the end excited to contribute directly to improve the product irrespective of the designated role; that’s because I have constant opportunities to learn from my teammates and mentors. Over the years, I have worked in various areas, right from gathering requirements to maintaining the product. This made me learn new skills and make an impact in different ways.


I learn a lot from people around me at work for professional coaching and guidance. With any career, there are challenges and rewards; but one can overcome the challenges and turn them as rewarding opportunities when you are surrounded by the right people.

The engineers here are energetic and like-minded people who always lending hand to support each other’s. I am empowered to leverage my strengths, pursue my passion, and bring my true self to work every day.

Management Support:

Today, is like a home and I had my first child here. My pregnancy journey was critical throughout as I had some health complications. During that difficult situation, I have felt completely supported by the management. They truly care and concern about their employees and setting new moms up for success. There are so many awesome benefits for parents, and our maternity policy is very generous. I felt so lucky to have the time with my son, and for the strong support from management and my team.


“Over the years at BizTalk360 team, I went from being a senior tester to product consultant and to a new mom, and through every major transition I have grown so much, and I can say is truly unique.

My first big transition at the company came after I would be working on quality assurance team for about six years and completely moved to customer-facing role as a product consultant. I found it to be a great match as this new challenging opportunity aligned with my interests and strengths and understand that a successful engineering organization needs engineers with many strengths, interests, and values.

Another motivating factor is, as an experienced engineer, I have the opportunity to mentor junior team members, which has been incredibly rewarding.

Mekala Integrate London

Give us some insights on being a product consultant.

The skills I acquired in software testing, directly translate to the work I’m doing now and what I’ve gained is immeasurable. I work on a very technical team and as a product consultant my role is to help the new prospects to understand the product and I feel incredibly motivated by the problems we are solving.

It also crucial at times, as you need to be a good communicator, known where to jump in and how to best collaborate with clients. Most importantly, success in this role is about feeling invested in keeping ourselves to communicate and helping our clients to understand and make them use the product in a meaningful way.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am pious women strongly believes without god’s grace nothing is happening. Being a strong woman, always wanted to empower people who are around me. Usually, I neither disclose my hardships nor my happy times to others. Always wanted to be neutral which is something good to lead a better life.

What’s your hobby?

My hands are busy in artworks (Quilling, making terracotta, keeping pets…the list goes on). Listening to music’s and read plenty of books.

Tell us 3 reasons why someone should work at

First, I enjoy the culture of constructive feedback that is well established in the company and helps me to constantly improve.

Second, working with large enterprise clients allows me to collaborate with people from across the world and ensuring our platforms are high-quality and trustworthy which is not easy to get an opportunity for everyone.

Third, I love the amount of training, conference, and networking initiatives that offers. Employees are encouraged to explore new topics, to acquire new skills, and to keep learning during their time in the company. Another aspect I enjoy is the “Give more than you take” culture. The company organizes many events to help local communities, and it’s employees can participate by sharing their knowledge and make great connections with like-minded people.

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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May 21, 2020