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Sunny Sharma Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Sunny Sharma

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Tell us about yourself.

I work as a Technical Lead for our latest SaaS product Document360 at I’m into app development for the last 9+ years. I’m passionate about solving business challenges using technology. In my spare time, I extend my contributions to the developer community through speaking, blogging, organizing events, etc.

How did you get the opportunity to work at

I was looking for change at my previous employment and I got introduced to BizTalk360 (now I went through the company’s profile and found our CEO, Saravana Kumar to be a Microsoft MVP. Having a technically sound CEO and amazing growth of the company in the last 4 years motivated me to join the team.

Tell us about your experience working for the Document360 team?

I joined in December 2016. Since then, I’ve had lots of proud and exciting moments and lots of fun together. I’ve been enjoying the work culture ever since I’ve joined. I was part of the Serverless360 team when I joined and in December 2017 when we did a hackathon for Document360 I moved to Document360. It’s just awesome to be part of a dedicated and supportive team here where I get to work on cutting edge technologies every day.

Any good memories from SaaStock Dublin?

Fabulous event and a great learning experience. We exhibited Document360 at SaaStock Dublin. We got to meet a lot of potential customers directly and hear what they expect from a good Knowledge Base Management system.

We were excited to find out that Document360 was a Star in the Documentation segment at SaaStock Dublin. Besides, thanks to, we went on a City Tour a day before the SaaStock Dublin event and it was fabulous. We enjoyed the culture, weather, food, Museums, and fresh beer!!

SaaStock Dublin

You are one of the very few employees who work remotely. Give us some tips to keep yourself productive.

Determination is the key to me. I always have a notepad available nearby. I prepare my ToDo list every day before bed. Writing down what needs to be done makes me feel accountable and keeps my focus on the list. I also have set up a whiteboard for drawing random concepts.

Exercise every day. Even for as little as 5 minutes. It boosts alertness and helps to be more attentive.
Coffee and Headphones with music are the best way for me to cut the distraction and get the work done.
Also, I have a boundary for working hours. Unless it is urgent, I never jump on doing household chores during the working hours.

When did you first got recognized as MVP? What activities do you engage in as an MVP every year?

I was first recognized as a Microsoft MVP in 2016. This year it’s my 5th award in a row. Much of my contributions were through blogs in the early days. I contribute to the developer community by doing technical sessions, organizing events, and participating in multiple forums. I also blog from time to time at

If a Hollywood movie was made in your name, whom do you want to cast as you?

I would prefer to play Jason Statham. I love speed. I’m inclined to Hollywood movies since my childhood and have been a huge fan of his slick knife moves. A few of my favorites are The Expendables, Mechanic: Resurrection, Fast & Furious. and many more to count.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Until my board exams, I wanted to become an Aeronautical Engineer. It was something I found very fascinating in my early days. I was also interested in computers but not very much at that time. In 2004, I enrolled for the DCA course (Diploma in Computer Science), and my aspiration changed forever. Since then I’m friends with computers. It always excited me to explore more and more possibilities. That passion is still there and I’m yet exploring new things every day. 😊

What’s your hobby?

I have a variety of hobbies. I like to cook. I often go on exploring new places in the country on weekends. I like to read books. Chess is another favorite. But most of the time I enjoy solving technical challenges.

Tell us a few reasons why someone should work at

To name a few:

Excellent work culture and management support: You just need to have dedication and love for the job you’re doing, and the rest will follow. has an excellent reward and recognition system.

Flexible working hours: Working hours are flexible so you can always speak to the management and adjust your priorities.

Cutting Edge Technologies: That’s my personal favorite. I love working with cutting edge technologies day-to-day.

International Team Retreats: Every team has a milestone and when that’s reached you may land up enjoying a party somewhere out of the country.

It is awesome to know provides opportunities for people to excel in their career with the motto #TogetherWeGrow

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Venkat Raman

Aug 31, 2020