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How I started my Internship at

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I was stuck in an unambitious rut. Internships gave me the confidence to break out of it.

One of the key experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting employability, especially as an engineering student. That’s why I am here at

Why Kovai.Co? is a product company growing at great pace having giant customers like Microsoft, BBC, Pfizer, BP to name a few.

TechMeet360 is a technology community initiative at where all the technical admirers integrate and get endless possibilities to learn and explore different cutting-edge technologies. They conduct various events in Coimbatore and across other locations in India.

TechTalkThursday is a one-day internal event that is conducted at the office every month for all employees.

These two events are the major highlights of which made me choose my career here. Internship

Preparation and interview experience 

There is a lot of good resources on how to prepare for an interview. First-round questions were based on, predict the C output questions, few aptitude questions, and 4 coding questions. I used two resources to prepare for an interview (Cracking the coding interview and Hacker rank)Since I practiced in Hacker rank it was quite easy for me to clear the first round.

Second round (Technical HR) questions were based on few technical questions such as (explain black and white box testing, Restful API, Cloud concepts, OOPS concepts and some information about the projects I did).

Trust me. Cracking this round is quite easy if we have a good understanding about these concepts.

Third round (Personal HR) questions were generic like why Tell us about yourself, Why are you interested in this job? What are your short- term and long-term goals etc?

Finally, the resume plays a vital role in the interview. In general, keep your resume to only one page and make sure that things that you put on your resume are things that make you stand out for the role you’re applying to. 

Experience and work culture

I have been recruited for the role of Technical Product Support and QA (intern). On the Day 1, there were around 12 students with various designations recruited interns. There are 4 products (BizTalk360, Serverless360, Atomicscope and Document360). Soon we were split up into teams to know the complete workflow of the products which was purely based on the interview conducted on the third day of the internship.

The interview questions were based on the basic technical questions such as (explain SDLC process, STLC, few questions about data structures, etc.)        

I got to work in the product BizTalk360. Our team is very enthusiastic, and their motto is “Together we learn, together we grow”. Initially, a couple of weeks was scheduled to get to know the basic concepts of C#,, Azure cloud services, and Visual studio. Later, Knowledge Transfer was scheduled for the interns to make us have an in-depth understanding of the product (BizTalk360). 

 Daily tasks have been assigned by my mentor Mekala Ramesh (Product Consultant and QA) and she continuously monitored the team about our understanding. During KT, they mainly explained to us the core features of BizTalk360 which are Operations, Monitoring, and Analytics.

On seeing my team members, I could realize how true is the quote below.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

After gaining a basic understanding of the Microsoft Integration domain, I have played with the product and experienced the knowledge from my colleagues. Personally, I can say that I developed more knowledge during my internship.

Believe it or notinternships aren’t only about learning how to make coffee and photocopying documents. Internships are incredibly valuable for networking, gaining experience, and ultimately helping you to land that dream job in your chosen sector.

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