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How we transformed to Virtual onboarding at

How we transformed to Virtual onboarding at

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As all of us are re-living with the coronavirus pandemic, jobs are uncertain for many and the needs of each organization differ. Can we bridge the gap here?

As a member of the Talent Acquisition Group, I intend to believe – has brought immense trust and existence throughout this pandemic for all our employees

We have a very structured growth plan and as a team, we look towards achieving them.

  • The entire company is working from home and that hasn’t been an issue for the Talent Acquisition team to bring in wonderful talent inside.
  • Our recruitment demands are high right from hiring Junior Software Engineers, UI / UX Developers, Digital Marketing Managers, and Sales Development folks.
Interviewing candidates virtually brings effective methods for the technical team to analyze the right choice they make. There are few challenges like internet bandwidth and ensure to stay in a quiet place. Each one of us understands that we are all working from home and show the same level of interest while interviewing candidates.

The way we are benefited with Microsoft Teams are right from screen share > voice and video-enabled meeting.  Technically, we ask the person to use the whiteboard for writing.

Virtual Onboarding

Welcome to Interview process virtual interview experience has a person from the recruitment team to greet, brief about the interview process, and explain the roles and responsibilities required to the candidate who applies for the role. This really helps the recruiter and the candidate to clearly set expectations about the role which they would be really interested upon. We encourage our technical team to also be prepared on what it looks like to be a virtual interview.

How virtual onboarding at works?

The new joiners feel welcomed when they are onboarded face to face at the office by taking them around the work area, meeting different teams and of course a cup of coffee with discussions about company culture and practices.

The way addressees virtual onboarding is by taking the new joiner through a virtual tour about the company, videos, pictures and events that showcase the culture, values and people at the workplace.

Overall, We at have successfully onboarded close to 15 employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Rohith Unny

Jun 2, 2020