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We at always wanted to make interviewing a “personal experience” for every candidate, since we believe in creating a transparent and honest approach. We build software products used by hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide by bringing a human touch to the business.

Really interested in applying? Know what to expect and prepare has a predefined interview pattern which is focussed on 3 principles

• Solving problems
• Quality
• The Holistic approach

The Entry point:

As soon as a candidate applies for a job with us, the talent acquisition group gets in touch with the person to understand the interest towards the position, ask behavioral-based questions, challenges faced and gives an overview of the practices at

We rely upon the best tool and of course all our interviews are Video/Audio recorded using Microsoft Teams.

Technical Interviews:

I would say you really need the guts to crack the code.

You can expect the technical panel to walk through your roles and responsibilities, discuss the biggest challenge, and move on to the core aspects of tech stack. The technical topics are more related to a programming language, Coding, Databases, and Cloud computing.

As we are a Bootstrapped company, the tech geeks at love to solve the basic problem which is the toughest one as well.

You would experience a Scenario-based question that would relate to a problem any product would face. Your ability/ approach to solve the problem effectively will be evaluated here.
Is the Code quality important? yeah! Spot on.
You will be engaged in a 2-4 hrs of a coding assignment, where you get to explore/ thrive, and show clean code, usage of the best framework and approach to the solution.
Basically, you run a demo! IT Jobs India

Yes, you will have the next discussion around the nature of work, ideologies, a strong reason to join us and most importantly – are you culture ready.

If this excites you, apply with us, and I would love to get on a call with you to discuss further/ otherwise, you can reach us at –

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Rohith Unny

Aug 23, 2020