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My First Job at A Good beginning in my professional space

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Generally, new joiners feel both excited and nervous about their first job as a fresher. Whether it’s an internship or a full-time job, the experience we gain during this early stage determines our career trajectory. The first organization plays a significant impact on a person’s career path by giving them opportunities to learn, develop, and grow, which can either set them on a successful path or result in a slow start. Fortunately, I began my professional career at “”, a bootstrapped enterprise software product company that serves over 1500 customers, which assisted me in shaping my career path in the best way possible.

In this blog, let me share with you the enriching experiences I had in my first job.

Virtual hiring and on-boarding during Covid-19

The first step

Just a few weeks before my first interview, the covid pandemic situation had deteriorated to the point where complete curfews had been declared in various parts of India. Despite the interruptions and confusions, smoothly conducted the entire hiring process remotely.

I was interviewed for the position of Software Engineer Developer Intern. The selection process included four rounds of interviews. In the first round (Telephonic interview), the HR team called the candidates and asked them some basic personal and academic information, about their skills, their field of interests, projects they had done, technical competitions they had participated in, and finally, they were given an overview of the company and the upcoming interview processes. To be honest, it felt more like a friendly conversation than a typical interview.

The second round (Technical Interview) consisted of a face-to-face interview with a technical panel. The technical questions concern programming languages, data structures, Object Oriented Programming System(OOPS) concepts, cloud concepts, databases, and API.

Following that, we had a Machine test round to assess our logical and problem-solving abilities. Finally, we had our final interview with the company’s Director, Mr. Arunkumar, during which he asked generic questions such as our personal information, why we chose, and a few brainstorming technical questions. At each stage of the selection process, the HR team communicated with us via phone calls and emails to clarify whether we had any questions regarding the interview, the topics we needed to focus on, and to ensure that we could attend the interview on time. Their dedication, hard work, and friendliness throughout the entire selection process left me with a positive impression of the company and its employees.

From newbie to tech-warrior

I was overwhelmed and excited about my new journey after being selected for the internship, but on the other side, the transition from campus to corporate life made me feel anxious and intimidated. Surprisingly, the people here are so warm and welcoming that I never felt uncomfortable or like a newcomer. Along with me, 20+ interns were also chosen for the position of Software Engineer Developer Intern. Before we began working directly on the products, we went through a three-month initial phase of remote training and were trained on the various technology stacks used by the company to develop the products. Our batch was named “Tech Warriors” and as the name implies, we were assigned various creative tasks, assessments, and projects that enabled us in expanding our technical knowledge. Finally, at the end of the training, conducted a graduation party to celebrate our success and appreciated our efforts. This training has given us the opportunity to learn the ropes and gain relevant skills for our new job. We all really had a wonderful experience during our induction programme.

Tech Warriors

Exploration and Experience

After successful completion of the training, we were split into the five different products (BizTalk360, Serverless360, Document360, Atomic Scope, and Cerebrata) to acquire an in-depth insight into the nuances of the products and the practices followed. I got work in the product BizTalk360, which is an enterprise software product used to efficiently manage and monitor Microsoft BizTalk environments. Knowledge transfer sessions have been scheduled with our seniors to gain product-specific knowledge through hands-on experience. It was a great opportunity to learn from such experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. Mentors were assigned to each intern to guide them through the development process, assign practical tasks, and provide detailed feedback and recommendations at each milestone. 

During this time, I got a chance to develop a key feature that had to be added to the product. Though it was challenging, it showed me the team’s faith in us and paved the way to unlock our real potential. While working on the tasks, I frequently collaborated with other Developers, Testers, Designers, and Product Manager to ensure that the development aligned with the goal and quality. When I was stuck in an unfamiliar or difficult part, my mentor and seniors had shown me how to unblock myself instead of telling me the answer right away. This has taught me that it’s best to let people learn through their natural self. Aside from providing constructive feedback, they are also concerned with our professional development.

I also got chances to showcase my work at Show & Tell, a bi-weekly discussion meeting with the CEO where I present what I had done and explain how it added quality to the product. Unlike other internship experiences where interns might be assigned with some low-risk or isolated project, has treated us like full-time employees and provided us immense development opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

As a developer, I am permitted to review the code written by my coworkers, even if they are senior in rank. In every discussion, we are free to express our opinions and ideas. Various technical and non-technical seminars and conferences are conducted to boost our knowledge and contribute to the community. The following are some of the key events and community activities:

  • INTEGRATE is the premier integration conference where experts in Microsoft Integration space transports the INTEGRATE experience. It is the ideal event to hear from the leading Integration Specialists like Microsoft Product Group members and Microsoft Integration MVP’s, to learn what is coming next in integration, and network with peers.
  • TechMeet360 is a community initiative by that organizes meetup events in India for enthusiasts who are keen to make a mark in the technology arena. One of my favorite TechMeet360 events is Women in Tech – Mini Virtual Conference, which brings together female speakers to share their ideas, knowledge, and experience on a variety of technical topics. This event contributes significantly to the growth of the Women TechNetwork.
  • TechTalk Thursday, an internal technology meetup for employees of where the employees from various fields (Development, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing) share their knowledge and perspectives with their peers. Since the majority of the topics covered here are related to the things we are working on, this is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn from exceptional talents.
  • TechTalk Thursday


Distance didn’t stop us from engaging with other peers; instead, we participated in fun game events that relaxed us, which is essential for thriving in a new place. Each day at is filled with challenges and learning opportunities, as well as a lot of fun.  After the spread of covid was reduced, we gradually returned to the office with safety measures in place. Our office in Coimbatore has a vibrant and elegant decor; typically, such an environment fosters productivity, efficiency, and fun at work.

At we enjoy working together, I consider myself extremely lucky to get an opportunity to work with these talented people who are trying to make a difference in their fields and better serve their customers.

Indeed, it is the best place to kick start your career that provides a promising professional life and a great work-life balance.

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