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Did you graduate recently and looking for a job? Or a student looking for an internship? Do you think high-end jobs are available only in Bengaluru and Chennai?

Are you bitten by the bug of working for a Product Company? Want to be a part of an inspirational and successful journey like Zoho and Freshworks?

Then continue reading. We got something exciting for you! – our new identity, is a land of opportunities here in Coimbatore, for you to test your skills and shape up a great future. Are you excited?

We are a multi-product company building Enterprise Software and B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for the worldwide market. Our Customers range widely from Fortune 100 enterprises like Microsoft, Boeing, BBC, Pfizer etc to Small and medium businesses. All our products are first in class in their respective categories.


An operation, monitoring, and analytics platform for the Microsoft BizTalk Server is a world leader in its category. more…


Operations, monitoring, and analytics platform (SaaS) for the Microsoft Azure Serverless stack helping Enterprise Support teams worldwide. more…


A software-as-a-service platform that helps companies to build and manage a world-class hosted online knowledgebase for their products. more…

We are scaling up! 

With the success of our products, we are now scaling up in all metrics. Our ambition is to build a world-class software product company from Coimbatore.

Brand New Office and Hiring 

From a handful of members to a 100+ employee company and setting up a 250 seater state of the art facility in Coimbatore, senior members of sales, marketing, and technology leaders working out of Europe, we are very well positioned to grow bigger and better.

We are investing in ramping up our team size to build new features to our products, reach out to more potential customers, increase support to our existing customers, provide product demonstrations, business development, etc. We are now close to 90 people in Coimbatore. Our recruitment activity is very steady and very soon will reach 100.

“We are very positive, even during the tough times like this COVID-19 situation. We could see a lot of potential for our product lines.”

And over a period, as the business scale, become a 250 people company in Coimbatore. In parallel, we will also expand our team size globally as required. New Office photos


Our products are seeing steady growth in customer acquisition. BizTalk360 is now being used by 700+ enterprise customers and marching towards 1000+ customers mark. 

Serverless360 has got huge potential when enterprises migrate towards Hybrid and Cloud environments. It has already been deployed at some of the largest organizations like MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company), the world’s second-largest shipping company. 

From an idea to over 100 paying customers in less than 2 years, Document360 will grab a great market share. 

Some of our prestigious customers… Customers

New Products 

Before, though we are registered as Kovai Ltd, UK, and Kovai Systems India Pvt Ltd, we were known by our first product BizTalk360. With the success of the product, business model, and the team, we started investing in new ideas. We succeeded in a few and failed in some.

Eventually, we found good traction in a few of our ideas. As Microsoft redefined itself to the Cloud-first strategy, we also found similar interests in our customers and the market and started building Serverless360. As we built these product lines, and as every single software product (or even internal software projects) requires online documentation these days, we wanted to build a world-class product that makes it seamless to the author and publishes product documentation and thus Document360 is born.

As we streamline operations and revenue for these products, we will also be investing on new products. We will find categories and segments here we can position our products #1 rated software


A very important metric. We are not at the right stage to disclose our figures. But we have a healthy revenue stream and promising business prospects, else we would have sustained for a decade and still pushing hard for growth.

“Did you Know? We are completely bootstrapped and self-funded. We are always profitable, We take calculated risks and we grow the company organically based on revenue”

Any investment we make or any hire we offer, we are confident to safeguard the interests of all parties for a reasonable amount of time.

Are you excited about our products and interested to know more about our culture?

#TogetherWeGrow had a very humble beginning with a handful of employees working from London and Coimbatore. As we grow in numbers, we first share opportunities and benefits with those who are an integral part of the journey.

We enjoy growing together. We are witnessing people grow steadily in their career – be it skill, knowledge or exposure. The company is giving back in all aspects to those who contribute to its growth faithfully. We are very sure that will add value to its people beyond expectations in the long term.

EOS Framework 

We practice Entrepreneurial Operating System in our organization, cutting across various departments and at different levels. Every individual, right from the CEO to a junior team member is a part of this practice and focuses on planning for a Quarter and work towards achieving the same. It brings a collective responsibility in moving the organization forward and develops entrepreneurial skills in managing self and leading a team. 

 Agile Practices 

We practice SCRUM and Kanban across engineering teams to coordinate our development and product releases. 


It is an initiative, where our team members exchange their knowledge among each other through a well planned and organized meetup. Every team member eagerly grabs a slot to present their learnings to others. This helps all of us to improve our knowledge through community learning. 

Techmeet Thursday

Community Activities 

We own and organize some of the best Community Activities.


Integrate is the premier integration conference for everyone working in the Microsoft Integration space. The 3-day event, with Speakers from the Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and the Global Integration Community, is attended by 400+ technology leaders and is the ideal event to listen to the leading Integration Specialists, to learn what is coming next in integration and to network with your peers. 

We honored many of our team members who were committed towards our growth, with an opportunity to attend INTEGRATE event in London and meet our customers and network.

Integrate Tech Events

INTEGRATE 2020 is going to be a fully virtual conference due to COVID-19 and we expect a huge attendance.

Integration User Group 

The goal of the Integration User Group is to educate, evangelize, and inform the community about various integration technologies, and how developers and architects of various, yet intersecting disciplines can share and learn about the evolving integration and messaging capabilities of the Microsoft platform.

Integration Monday is a webinar on Microsoft Integration technologies that happens on a particular Monday every month. So far, we have organized more than 150 episodes.


A Community initiative By, TechMeet360 organizes meetup event in India for enthusiasts who are keen to make a mark in the technology arena. Join us for these events to build your technical expertise and learn from the industry experts.

We are a regular sponsor and organizer of world-wide initiatives called Global Azure Bootcamp and Global Integration Bootcamp



We work hard and play hard. We focus on achieving deliverables Quarter on Quarter. Working so hard to accomplish the goals, we take time off to treat ourselves with frequent team dinners, movie outings, day out to a resort.

When you achieve something big over a period, you got to treat yourself in style. We flew to Dubai in 2017 and Singapore in 2019 to unwind and relax.

Singapore Retreat 

Interesting? Learn more about some of our open positions with us 


We are primarily a Microsoft shop. So, we heavily use technologies and tools related to Microsoft technologies and related platforms.

Vishnu - Employee Speaks

Full-Stack Developer 

A full-stack developer is a web developer or a software engineer who works with both the front and back ends of a website or an application.   

Software Engineer 

A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. You are expected to code. 

Product Support Engineer 

Product support engineers oversee providing effective support for products developed in their organization. They are responsible for testing and providing technical troubleshooting during development.

Why you want to work as a support engineer at

Product Consultant 

Work in coordination with Sales and product teams to understand customer requirements and aid the customers in onboarding and using our products. This involves product demonstrations, feature elaborations, presenting webinars, writing technical blogs & use cases, capture requirements from customers, and share with product teams. Help the Marketing team in providing necessary materials to promote the products. 

 I am not a code guy or an avid programmer. Do I have any opportunities? Of course!

Product Marketer 

Be an intermediary function between product development and increasing brand awareness. Deal with marketing the product to prospects, customers, and others. The scope is so big that you can experiment with many of your creative and people engagement skills. Write blogs, marketing campaigns, organize webinars, respond to posts on social media and forums, etc. Target potential customers and drive traffic to our websites and increase interest in our products.

Mohan Employee Speaks

Sales Development Representative 

A sales development representative (SDR) is an inside sales representative that focuses on outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification. You follow up on leads generated by the marketing team and coordinate the prospects towards sales conversion. 

That’s a lot of opportunities to test my skills. How can I get started? 

Cool. You can get started as an intern. We provide you enough space for you to get trained on the job. Please check our internship opportunities.

Why we are interested in hiring interns?

Please read our blog on a recruitment drive we conducted at one of the engineering institutions.

We are excited to see you on board!


It’s vital for people to get the right start at the beginning of your career. That will determine your future. The initial few years of your career is where you’ll need at most mentorship and challenging opportunities to grow. We are confident will provide you that platform, we have successfully created some great talents who joined us as interns or freshers and grown along with us.