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The Human Touch in B2B SaaS Marketing: Beyond the Datasheet

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There is a stereotype that B2B marketing is dry, technical, and all about bombarding potential customers with features and functionalities. But at, we take a different approach. We always seek ways to inject a human touch into our B2B marketing strategy.

Why? Because behind every business decision, there are people. People with needs, challenges, and a desire to connect with a trustworthy company. We highlight how we can positively impact their challenges and meet their needs. We don’t just show them our product but the value our product brings to them.

So, how do we weave this human element into our B2B SaaS marketing? Here are a few ways we at create engaging content and build relationships with potential customers:

1. Storytelling: The Power of Narrative

People relate to stories. Humans tend to remember experiences rather than just facts and figures. That’s why we at use storytelling to illustrate the impact of our SaaS products. We create case studies that showcase people speaking about how our products helped their businesses or companies overcome challenges and derive value. We do video and text testimonials that put a human face to the case study and make it more connectable.  

When people in our case study share metrics, like Turbo360– Azure monitoring product bringing down their costs by $1M or Document360 knowledge management tool helping them reduce support tickets by 20%, we show the real-world impact our products can have on their business and lives.


It also takes our strategy well beyond sharing dry product features and performance metrics.

2. Building Community, Not Just Leads

According to us, B2B marketing is not a one-way street. At, we are working on fostering a community around our SaaS products. We have created a community for Document360 customers to share hacks regularly, best practices, announcements, and sometimes even pain points. It also functions as a direct channel for us to communicate with them. Over the past year, the community has brought in a group of people who genuinely love our product.

Additionally, we host webinars like Knowledge Base Ninjas on behalf of Document360, get influencers to review our products online, and host events like Integrate featuring industry experts and thought leaders.

knowledgebase-ninja integrate-2024

We also leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to engage in discussions, answer questions, and provide helpful resources. This two-way communication fosters a sense of relationship and trust, turning potential customers into brand advocates.

3. Content with a Personality: Let Your Brand Shine Through

B2B marketing should not be robotic. At, we have carefully worked on the tone we use in our umbrella and product websites. We use a unique combination of formal and informal brand tone that makes the information we share approachable.


When defining product positioning, we follow a simple model that April Dunford refers to. We want our brand to resonate in very layperson’s terms with what it can do.


4. Prioritizing Relationships: It’s All About People

Ultimately, B2B marketing is about building relationships. At, we understand that behind every product logo is a unique identity that every audience can connect with. That’s why we personalize our marketing efforts whenever possible. We segment our audience lists to deliver targeted content that resonates with specific pain points. Our content is often tailored to industry-specific requirements. We nurture leads with personalized email sequences and follow-up communication.


We build trust and loyalty by prioritizing these relationships, transforming potential customers into long-term partners.

The Human Touch: A Competitive Advantage

By prioritizing storytelling, community building, and authentic communication, we market our products in an informative, engaging, and memorable way.

By focusing on the human element, we can build stronger relationships with potential customers, ultimately leading to long-term success for both and our clients.

Community building, and authentic communication, we try to market our products in a way that’s not just informative, but also engaging and memorable.

By focusing on the human element, we can build stronger relationships with potential customers, ultimately leading to long-term success for both and our clients.

Sunil Krishna

May 29, 2024