Corporate blog: Insights from our team and our culture 100 employees

Jun 18

By kovaico

We are now 100+ people strong

You don’t build a business You build People and then People build the business How it all started As a one-man

Ezhilarasi Employee Spotlight

Jun 18

By Venkat Raman

Employee Spotlight: Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Tell us about yourself I am a simple and straight forward person with my own principles I am passionate about, learning and

Vishnu Balachandran Employee Spotlight

Jun 7

By Venkat Raman

Employee Spotlight: Vishnu Balachandran

Tell us about yourself My name is Vishnu Balachandran I work as a Technical Lead for our newest product Document360 I am tech

Virtual Onboarding

Jun 2

By Rohith Unny

How we transformed to Virtual onboarding at

As all of us are re-living with the coronavirus pandemic, jobs are uncertain for many and the needs of each organization differ

Prabagaran Saminathan

May 29

By Venkat Raman

Employee Spotlight: Prabagaran Saminathan

Tell us about yourself I am Prabagaran I have been working as a Senior Design Engineer at Kovaico I have total industry

May 21

By Saravana Kumar

The impact of COVID-19. Are we hiring or firing?

Any crisis whether the financial crisis of 2008 or the current COVID-19 divides the market into 3 categories Some

Mekala Ramesh Employee spotlight

May 21

By Venkat Raman

Employee Spotlight: Mekala Ramesh

Tell us about yourself I am Mekala Ramesh, Technical Lead QA and Product Consultant for BizTalk360 I am associated with the

Praveena Employee Spotlight

May 17

By Venkat Raman

Employee Spotlight: Praveena

Tell us about yourself I am Praveena Jayanarayanan working as Senior Product Support Engineer for BizTalk360 which has a global Successful career

May 10

By Arunkumar Kumaresan

Give a start to your successful professional career with a lot of opportunities! 

Did you graduate recently and looking for a job Or a student looking for an internship Do you think high-end jobs are available

COVID 19 PMCares Fund

May 8

By kovaico

Contribution towards COVID-19 PM CARES Fund and CM PRF

At Kovaico, we have always been a community-focused organization When the COVID-19 pandemic issue began, we were one of the first